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Program Director’s Message: Raising the Bar for Mentorship With Our First Chief Resident


Mitch Motooka, MD, FACP

I’m proud to announce that Kaiser Permanente’s Internal Medicine Residency Program has progressed to a new level of distinction with the addition of a chief resident to our team. We’re pleased to welcome Jennifer Katada, MD, who is serving in this important one-year appointment.

The chief resident role is a time-honored position, integral to every training program, and earned by demonstrating excellence as a resident. Dr. Katada will work closely with me to support our residents and ensure they’re successful in their ongoing medical training.

Communication is Key

Communication is at the heart of everything we do in patient care.Dr. Katada is playing a key role by serving as a liaison between the residents, attending faculty, and the other Kaiser Permanente staff. With our 10 residents on different rotations, keeping everyone informed and in the loop is critical. When we welcome a new set of residents in July 2017, this will be even more important. Coordinating rotation schedules, conferences, meetings, and other resident activities will become increasingly challenging as we enter the third year of our residency program.

Focus on Quality

In addition to communication, we also emphasize the importance of high-quality, patient- and family-centered care. We continually look at ways to improve quality and the residency experience. Dr. Katada will be instrumental in facilitating those discussions so that we can bring out the best in each resident and strengthen our program for future residents.

Emphasis on Ongoing Education

Formal and informal teaching and learning remain the hallmark of our residency program. Although the residency program will grow, I’ll still have direct access to the residents. As many know, I enjoy teaching and Dr. Katada will be able to free me up to focus on my role as program director. This will mean more time for me to concentrate on educational activities and program development.

Preparing to Select the Next Set of Residents

As the year quickly comes to a close, we’ll soon be interviewing candidates for our next class. As always, we’re looking for residents who share our commitment to compassion, innovation, and excellence. And although it’s not a requirement, we hope to find five fantastic clinicians who have aspirations of remaining in Hawaii after residency to practice in one of our clinics at Kaiser Permanente.

Interviews start in November and continue through January 2017, and this year, Dr. Katada will be part of the interview process. We’ll celebrate Match Day in March, and the candidates will be onboard in June 2017.

Mahalo for your ongoing support in shaping Kaiser Permanente’s Internal Medicine Residency and helping us to grow as we work to serve our members and improve the health of our local community.


Mitch Motooka, MD, FACP
Program Director
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Internal Medicine Residency Program